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Google's Sprayscape App Lets you 'Paint' a 360° Photo Into Existence – PetaPixel

Google’s Android Experiments platform is all about wacky ideas, and the company’s own experimental app Sprayscape is nothing if not wacky. Using your smartphone’s camera and gyroscope, the app lets you paint ‘perfectly imperfect’ VR-ish 360° photos.
If that description doesn’t quite cut it for you, check out the video above. In this case, “show” really is much better than “tell.”
When you open the app, you’re greeted by a black screen with a 360° ‘webbing’ to indicate the background of your new canvas. From there, all you have to do is tap or press and hold your finger on the canvas, and the app will ‘spray’ whatever your camera is seeing onto that spot. Move your phone around and you can keep adding pieces of the scene, mish mash, creating a wacky photo sphere, which you can experience later like a VR acid trip.

This app is decidedly not for perfectionists. If you want to capture a perfect 360° representation of the scene in front of you, Sprayscape is a really crappy way of doing it. The app is all about artistic expression and personalized 360° creation.
Your final creation, if you think it’s not too nausea inducing, can be saved to your Google Drive or shared via email and link so others can enjoy your Sprayscape too. Of course, they’re best viewed on Google Cardboard, but moving your phone around to pan through your creation works well too.
For now Sprayscape is Android only, but Google is working on an iOS version of this Android Experiment. To check it out for yourself, head over to the Sprayscape website or download it for yourself on the Google Play Store.
(via Engadget)
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