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Google's panoramic Photo Sphere Camera app reaches the iPhone – Engadget

Google's all-encompassing Photo Spheres are no longer limited to Android users and those comfy with photo stitching software -- the internet giant has just released a Photo Sphere Camera app for the iPhone-toting crowd. As

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360 Camera Analysis: How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck – UploadVR

Copyright 2021 UVR Media LLC.I’ve spent the last 3 months completely immersed in the latest 360 camera technologies while using a plethora of 360 cameras. I have used some of the ‘first-gen’ cameras like the

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Google Brings 360-Degree Panoramas to Android with Photo Sphere – PetaPixel

Apple may have launched a neat panorama feature with iOS 6, but Google is one-upping the Cupertino-based company today with its new Jelly Bean flavor: Android 4.2. The OS now comes with an official 360-degree

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360-Degree Camera Tips And Tricks: Get The Best Photo and Video Spheres – Forbes

Milos, Greece as seen in the raw 360 image that comes out of the Theta camera.Taking cool photos is hard. Taking cool 360-photos is even harder. It’s quite literally a new dimension of imagery.Anyone can

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