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Saving 360 Photos From The GoPro Max On Android – Forbes

The new GoPro Max is a solid 360 camera, though like all 360 cameras there were a few bugs at launch. One of the issues is an inability to save a 360 image on your phone as a 360 image. You can share 360 images directly to an app, like Facebook, but if you wanted to save them to your phone and edit them before you post them, there’s no direct way to do it.
GoPro Max Tiny Planet – Disney Concert Hall
This is an odd bug, and with the Android workaround I figured out, it’s clearly a bug as the photos do exist as 360s in the app (as you’d figure), there’s just no path to directly save them. I reached out to GoPro and they said this would be addressed in an app update for phones capable of saving 360 images hopefully before the end of the year .
In the meantime, here’s a workaround.
Upload and Download
You can’t, as you would hope, just save the image directly to a photo editing app. Sharing to Photoshop Express, for example, strips out the spatial metadata so the image from that point on is no longer spherical (it’s just a weirdly visually-warped standard image, seen below).
360 not as a 360 – an equirectangular image. Facebook and some websites should be able to show these … [+] images as a 360 photosphere, but not currently when shared in certain ways from the GoPro app.
Instead, you need to share it with an app that gets it off your phone, and then download it back. So, for instance, Google Drive, Photos, or Gmail, all of which I assume you have on an Android phone.
If you share to Google Drive, for instance, you then open the Google Drive app and save the image back to your device. It will save in your Downloads folder and from there you can open it in Photoshop Express (or wherever) and the metadata will remain intact. You can then post it as normal.
So it’s a bit convoluted, but the workflow would be:
Download from camera to app, share from app to Google Drive, download from Google Drive back to phone, open in editing app, save edited photo, share edited photo to Facebook.
There’s one weird aspect with Google Photos. It won’t look like it worked. It will show up in your Google Photos app (because it’s in the cloud), you just need to remember to download it to your phone. Additionally, if you view this image on (i.e. on desktop), it won’t appear as a 360. This likely has something to do with how Google Photos decides if something is a 360 photo or not, and being a new camera, it’s possible it hasn’t updated yet. However, if you download the image and post to Facebook (edited or not) it will share as a 360.
Again, if you just want to share the 360 to Facebook, you can do that now with no extra steps in the app. This is only the workflow if you want to edit the photo in a separate editing app before posting.
According to GoPro, the iOS Photo app strips out the 360 metadata, so the workaround above won’t work, at least on mobile. If you’re all Apple, you can AirDrop the photo to your Mac and edit that. If you’re iOS on mobile, but Windows on your laptop/desktop, you can use the Drive trick above.
I tested this on an iPad Pro, but it should work the same on an iPhone. If you find a better trick for this, drop me a line on twitter @TechWriterGeoff.
Post your spheres
As far as early-launch bugs go, this one is fairly minor. The rest of the app is pretty slick, and the hardware is quite good. I could be wrong, but I feel that most people buying 360 cameras now, especially a GoPro 360, aren’t using them to post edited 360 photospheres. They’re posting Tiny Planet photos (like the one at the top of this article), or using the recorded video to create cool stabilized Overcapture videos. For the few of you reading this that do want to post 360 images, hopefully this workaround helps.


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