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Rylo 360 Camera Now Compatible With Android – Forbes

Rylo app on Android
I really liked the Rylo camera when I reviewed it a few months ago. The image quality is generally great, the app is slick, and the stabilization is phenomenal.
Unfortunately, it was only available for iOS. Well, if the headline wasn’t enough of a giveaway, that has now changed. The app has all the same functionality as the iOS app, but with some limitations on compatibility.
If you’re new to 360 cameras, check out my Beginner’s Guide To 360 Cameras.
A quick recap in case you don’t want to click the link to my review. The Rylo is a small 360 camera, with a beautiful metal chassis, nice lenses, and descent hardware. The thing that really makes it stand out, though, is the software. The stabilization, for instance, is incredible. Probably the best of any 360 camera. It’s almost like you’ve got the camera mounted to a gimbal it’s so steady.
Plus, there are cool editing features, like being able to create a flat 1080p video using the most interesting parts of your 360 video. This isn’t quite as simple as Insta360’s similar method, but it’s still pretty great.
The two downsides of the Rylo are the price, $500, and the lack of WiFi or Bluetooth. You need a specific cable to connect to your phone. It’s not proprietary, but it’s the kind of cable that perhaps only electronics stores will have. Lose it (as I did for about a month of my time with the Rylo), and you can only get your photos/videos by transferring them to a computer via a standard USB cable, or the SD card. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it is a bit cumbersome.
Another fault has now remedied, since it’s no longer iOS only…
Ok, back to the topic at hand. Like the iOS version, and it seems, several 360 cameras, there isn’t universal compatibility with Android devices. The minimum spec is Android 6.0, and at least 1GB of RAM.
Rylo is compatible with most Android phones running Android 6.0 or newer. For the best results, we recommend using our Android app with one of the following devices.
And then there’s another bunch that are a bit too slow to export 360 video:
This last part was surprising to me, since I’d thought my old Galaxy S6 was more powerful than my iPod touch. And maybe it is, it’s just that the app isn’t optimized for Android as much. Regardless, right now the Rylo Android app works best with newer, higher-end phones.
If you have a Rylo already, and want to be able to use it with an Android phone, it should work:
Rylo’s hardware is compatible with both iOS and Android, and once our Android app is available, you’ll be able to use your Android devices with the purchasable Android sync cable.
And that would be now. However, you’ll need to get a different cable. Rylo sells these USB-to-USB cables for a pricy $19.
USB-C-to-USB-micro cable from Rylo
Amazon sells nearly identical cables (USB-C to USB micro, minus the Rylo logo), for $6.50. This is what I did, and it worked fine. Check your phone, you might need this one instead (USB micro to USB micro).
There’s no such thing as a perfect 360 camera. The Rylo is a bit expensive, and the cable requirement is a little weird. But the image quality is great, even underwater, and the stabilization is incredible. Definitely worth considering, especially now that it’s compatible with a wider variety of phones. You can get either the iOS or Android version via Rylo’s website.


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