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Five Must-See Tools for Creating 360/Virtual Reality Stills and Video at PHOTOPLUS 2019 – PDN Online

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July 11, 2019
By Greg Scoblete

PHOTOPLUS 2019 kicks off at the Javits Center in New York City on October 24 (register!). To help us while away the days till the floor opens, we’ll be highlighting some of the innovative and exciting gear you’ll be able to get your hands on when you’re there. Next up: 360 gear!
Insta360 OneX
While it boasts an action camera’s low profile, the OneX is capable of delivering higher resolutions and frame rates than your typical sports cam and in 360-degrees. You can film 5.7K (5760 x 2880) video at 30fps, 4K video at 50fps and 3K video at 100 fps via a 1/2.3-inch sensor. The camera can record RAW images in the DNG format and video is encoded in H.264 in bit rates up to 120Mbps. One of the hallmarks of the OneX is the so-called “FlowState” image stabilization, which uses a six-axis gyro stabilizer to keep footage smooth. There are a number of specialized shooting modes, including an HDR mode for both stills and video, time-lapse and a Bullet Time feature that works with an accessory to create a Matrix-style effect of swooping around a subject. (Read our hands-on review of the Insta360 X.)
Price: $400 |
Insta360 Titan
While some of the earlier entrants into the cinematic VR camera market like Nokia and Jaunt have bailed on the market, Insta360 has been steadily building up its product portfolio to ever higher levels of sophistication. As the name suggests, the Titan is Insta360’s heavy hitter. It packs eight Micro Four Thirds-sized image sensors fronted by 200-degree f/3.2 lenses. It’s the only VR camera we know of to deploy such large sensors in a unibody design.
The camera is capable of recording 3D virtual reality at up to 10K resolution (that’s 9600 x 9600 for those counting along at home) with stitching performed in post. If you’re content with mere 2D VR, the Titan can capture an 11K video file. The Titan can also record 10-bit 8K footage in both 2D and 3D with stitching done in post. If you want the Titan to stitch footage for you in real-time, you can drop the resolution down to 4K 3D (3840 x 3840) at 30 fps. Footage is stabilized via a 9-axis gyro and the company’s FlowState technology for gimbal-like smoothness without a gimbal. There are nine SD card slots for storing video, Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port for live streaming VR footage plus GPS for geotagging.  The Titan can record ambisonic audio from four on-board mics.
Price: $14,999 |
Kodak PixPro Orbit360 4K
The Orbit360 has two 20-megapixel image sensors fronted by a pair of wide-angle lenses. One lens is a 197-degree f/2.4 and the second is an even wider 235-degree lens with the same fixed f/2.4 aperture. When shooting in VR mode, both lenses and image sensors combine to create a fully spherical capture at 7360 x 3680 for stills or 3840 x 2160 for video (at 24p). You can also shoot from just one of the lenses, giving you a total of three different options for framing your scene. Both lenses have a minimum focus distance of 30cm.
There’s electronic image stabilization and a 5fps burst mode. The Orbit360 has wi-fi for wirelessly controlling the camera. Read our review of the Orbit360 4K here.
Price: $500 |
Matterport Pro 2 3D Camera
One of the more compelling uses for 360-degree visuals is for real estate, where prospective buyers can get an immersive preview of a home without having to step foot in it. Matterport’s cloud processing takes 2D and 3D data from cameras–either their own, pictured above, or from a selection of certified third-party 360 cameras–and transform it a 3D representation of a space. The service offers cloud hosting and a VR player to showcase the final footage to the public in all its immersive glory. Matterport’s Pro 2
Price: starting at $10/month (hosting); $3,395 (Pro 2 camera) |
Orangemonkie Foldio360
The Foldio360 isn’t a camera but a “smart” product turntable that can communicate with a smartphone (via Bluetooth) and/or a traditional camera (via IR) to create 360-degree product images. The turntable rotates and triggers the shutter at the precise moment to create a seamless image. After your images are shot, you can upload them to Orangemonkie’s Spinzam service to create a 360-degree image that can be embedded on other websites. The Foldio360 has a built-in LED light that helps hide the platform against a white lightbox (not included) so the only thing that’s visible is the product you want to shoot.
Price: $139 |

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