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Insta360 Introduces Two Cameras for VR Shooters at CES – Fstoppers

Insta360 aims to immerse consumers deeper into the world of virtual reality with two new cameras introduced this week at CES in Las Vegas. The company known for lightweight, portable 360-degree cameras introduced its eight-lens VR camera and the 6DOF Light Field Camera, a 128-camera array.
The eight-lens VR camera establishes a new category for the company, which claims it will allow cinematographers to shoot fully spherical 360-degree video at upwards of 10K resolution. Using 4/3″ image sensors, the camera will produce a high dynamic range with brilliant, noise-free images even in low-light situations. 
The camera will retail for roughly $12,000, though specific pricing, specs, and launch date info are not yet available and will be announced at a later date. 

The company cites an example of a viewer looking at a person’s face from a straight-on perspective. Then, by simply tilting their neck, they would shift to a three-quarter view of the face in front of them, with the curve of the nose and cheeks taking fuller shape in real time. The company says the array achieves this effect by capturing the intensity and direction of light at every point within a scene.
Insta360 expects the technology will also be applied to full 360-degree content, allowing cinematographers to create more immersive content that viewers can fully explore. 
Specs, pricing, and launch info will be announced at a later date. 
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